Five things you should know about Swedish content

1. Internet users read the content on your website before looking at the graphics – a fact confirmed by research.

Actually, Internet users scan content rather than read it. Jakob Nielsen and John Morkes show in their study that 79% of net users scan the content on websites and only 16% read a site word by word. More information at

2. Your Swedish website needs clear and readable content.

Clear, plain Swedish in the form of web content is vital for you to say what you have to say.

Along with that remember to use fonts that are clear and easy to read and to put your content on clear plain backgrounds – dark backgrounds are out.

3. Your Swedish website’s image, especially the content, is vital for the healthy growth of your business.

An unprofessional website lacking clear readable content will drive off potential customers. The next site is only a click away. That won’t help your business, will it?

A professional wordsmith knows how to handle words and web content. She/he may know content & word research that you may not, i.e. reading from computer screens is about 25% slower than reading from paper – Jakob Nielsen again.

So your word specialist uses this knowledge when writing content for your site.

4. Your time is valuable.

A good wordsmith is able to take the worry of content writing and editing off your hands leaving you to get on with all those other important jobs that you’re more skilled at anyway.

5. Swedish Content Editing is a specializedialised form of work.

Editing is work that becomes a skill only after much practice, after years of loving words and how they work. Requirements include an interest in etymology, the changing fashions of words and how words fit together as well as a deep interest in current meanings.

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